There’s a ton of good music happening at the Art Hop this year. I’m making this list just so I can keep it all straight.

The general flow looks like an instrumental music room at Thoughtfaucet, a rock/punk stage at Citizen Cider,  party music at Seven Days tent, and local indie rock at ArtsRiot, psych/prog at the corner of Flynn Ave & Briggs St, scuzzrock at Green Door, punk show at 56 King Street

If you know of someone playing that isn’t on this list, please let me know via Twitter and I’ll update it.



  • 6pm: Quiltro at Flynn Ave & Briggs St
  • 6pm: The Ramparts @ Green Door
  • 6-8pm: Nick Aloi’s Jazz Trio @ Vintage Inspired


  • 7pm: Pony Truck at Flynn Ave & Briggs St
  • 7pm: The Toes at Zero Gravity Brewery
  • 7pm: Savage Hen @ Green Door
  • 7-9pm: New Nile Orchestra @ Evolution PT & Yoga
  • 6-8pm: Nick Aloi’s Jazz Trio @ Vintage Inspired
  • 7:10pm: Def Ears @ ArtsRiot
  • 7:30-8:30pm: Sambatucada @ Eight Space


  • 8:00pm: Villanelles @ ArtsRiot
  • 8:00pm: Blue Button @ Zero Gravity Brewery
  • 8:00pm: The Parts @ Green Door
  • 7-9pm: New Nile Orchestra @ Evolution PT & Yoga




  • 11pm: Sad Turtle does their 2nd show of the night at 339A Pine Street.
  • 11:15: Rough Francis @ ArtsRiot (in which the non-Hackney guitarist plays his penultimate show as a bachelor. Made by Robots congratulates him on his good taste.)

Shows without a specific time yet (if you know what time the band hits, please let me know)


  • 3pm Chasing Days at Burlington Electric
  • 7pm Sabrehound, the Mountain Says No, Ardilla at Speaking Volumes
  • 8pm-10pm wind down your Hop with DJ Llu at ArtsRiot’s Pride Party & VTPWAC 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • All day: Gahlord is giving public modular synth lessons at Thoughtfaucet. Contact him to reserve a slot ($10) or talk to him on Friday at the Made by Robots show.