• Events and Horizons

    Lest anyone grow anxious about what uncharted territory Made by Robots will boldly explore next, here is a brief update on what the change of season will bring. The summer has flown by with weddings, a guitar player wandering the vibrant (and sometimes treacherous) streets of Brazil, lawns mowed and wires soldered. In the midst […]

    Adam Ploof August 31, 2016
  • Made by Robots live on Exposure

    We had a great hangout on WRUV FM Burlington with Dom the Barber (aka The Nicest Guy Ever). Here’s the full session:

    Gahlord Dewald May 13, 2016
  • Science and Commerce Electro-edition

    Our keyboardist Adam made an electro version of our song “Science and Commerce” scored for finger snaps and electronics. Enjoy!

    Gahlord Dewald March 24, 2016
  • Made by Robots goes 8-bit

    Ever wonder what it would sound like if we were somehow sucked into a 1980’s arcade game? Well, we didn’t think so, but in case that ever happens here’s a little taste of what you might expect. Afterward, I suggest checking out our full-resolution selves playing Yeah Right on our music page. That should allow […]

    Adam Ploof February 29, 2016
  • New tracks in the works

    Adam and I are in the process of mixing a couple of new Made by Robots recordings: Blue Shift and Science & Commerce. This is sort of the kick off to what we are planning to be a year of more recording for MbR. We’ll let you know when the mixes are available on Bandcamp […]

    Gahlord Dewald February 3, 2016
  • Pressing Buttons

    About a year ago I was at a concert which featured three distinct artists performing live electronic music. The show opened with an interesting take on the solo singer-songwriter format. A Gibson SG slung over his shoulder and surrounded by what seemed to be the entire bridge of the Starship Enterprise his music injected modern […]

    Adam Ploof October 21, 2015
  • Modal Leads

    Modal playing and crafting solos is a place where I feel art and science converge and because of this I feel that it’s fertile ground for discussion. Before we get into it, I should say that I’ve tried to strike a middle ground with the amount of background and theory provided. Some of it you […]

    Adam Ploof October 1, 2015
  • Music at the Burlington Art Hop

    There’s a ton of good music happening at the Art Hop this year. I’m making this list just so I can keep it all straight. The general flow looks like an instrumental music room at Thoughtfaucet, a rock/punk stage at Citizen Cider,  party music at Seven Days tent, and local indie rock at ArtsRiot, psych/prog […]

    Gahlord Dewald September 4, 2015
  • Thoughts on “Yeah Right”

    One of the first songs we wrote that still consistently finds its way into our set list is Yeah Right. Like an old cast-iron frying pan it’s stayed remarkably intact over the years and carries a bit of flavor from all the things that have been cooked in it. Looking back at the last few […]

    Adam Ploof August 25, 2015
  • History Lesson

    (as D. Boon might have done better) What is the music of Made by Robots, other than an excuse the five of us have collectively agreed to honor? It isn’t really jazz (though it does occasionally taste like it), mostly because I don’t think any of us would consider ourselves jazz musicians in the strict […]

    Simon White August 16, 2015