Adam Ploof
  • Events and Horizons Lest anyone grow anxious about what uncharted territory Made by Robots will boldly explore next, here is a brief update on what the change of season will bring. The summer has flown by with weddings, a guitar player wandering the vibrant (and sometimes treacherous) streets of Brazil, lawns mowed and wires soldered. In the midst […] No responses August 31, 2016
  • Made by Robots goes 8-bit Ever wonder what it would sound like if we were somehow sucked into a 1980’s arcade game? Well, we didn’t think so, but in case that ever happens here’s a little taste of what you might expect. Afterward, I suggest checking out our full-resolution selves playing Yeah Right on our music page. That should allow […] No responses February 29, 2016
  • Pressing Buttons About a year ago I was at a concert which featured three distinct artists performing live electronic music. The show opened with an interesting take on the solo singer-songwriter format. A Gibson SG slung over his shoulder and surrounded by what seemed to be the entire bridge of the Starship Enterprise his music injected modern […] No responses October 21, 2015
  • Modal Leads Modal playing and crafting solos is a place where I feel art and science converge and because of this I feel that it’s fertile ground for discussion. Before we get into it, I should say that I’ve tried to strike a middle ground with the amount of background and theory provided. Some of it you […] No responses October 1, 2015
  • Thoughts on “Yeah Right” One of the first songs we wrote that still consistently finds its way into our set list is Yeah Right. Like an old cast-iron frying pan it’s stayed remarkably intact over the years and carries a bit of flavor from all the things that have been cooked in it. Looking back at the last few […] No responses August 25, 2015